Menu Plan Monday: 5 Iyar, 5771

image Why the weird dates? Click here to find out!  Other “weekly challenges”:

We’re a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.  Read my MPM intro here or just visit my big ol’ list of Everything We Eat.  We eat mostly vegetarian, with one vegan meal every single week – on Vegan Vursday, of course!

First MPM in a VERY long time!  Not coincidentally, we’ve been eating very “hand-to-mouth” in the sense of me staring at the clock at 4 pm and wondering what we’re going to eat that night.  NOT a good situation when that is typically chaos time around here.  Planning ahead in a moment of calm is MUCH better, but there haven’t been many moments of calm in the last few weeks…

image This week, I am feeling both lazy and impoverished (we spent everything we had on Pesach!), which is a bad combo.  Still uninspired, but hoping to end the end-of-day panic, I am VERY tempted to steal a week of recipes from Tiffany over at Frugal Gourmet Mom.

There – I’m done!  It may not be exactly identical to hers, but here are my picks for this week:

Sunday (last night) – Sara over, Mommy out for supper – artisan bread in 5 basic boule bread, plus potato-corn soup, plus Ted-made yummy tuna croquettes.

Monday - Moroccan Meatballs (based on these and these only we had no olives) – served over couscous if we have any, rice if not (yum – see pics below!).  Couscous was made with leftover chicken soup, including all the veg, so it came out colourful and very delicious.  I sliced up a few apricots to give it a Moroccan flair.  I also added some white beans to punch up the nutritional content of the sauce – a delicious combination!


Tuesday (Ted off) – Tuna casserole (tuna, twice in one week?  oy, vey!  But our theme is “using up what we’ve got.” Maybe salmon…) Pea soup plus corn fritters – Ted’s request, and yup, two vegan nights in one week (though the corn fritters can be made with egg – bad vegan!)!

Wednesday (NFB field trip) – Stolen-from-Tiffany Pretzel Dogs

Thursday (vegan vursday) – Pasta with… hmm… maybe tomato sauce & veg even though Monday night’s supper is also tomato-sauce based.

Shabbos/Friday – if I can steal her recipe, Stolen-from-Tiffany Island Beef Ribs!!!

What’s your family eating this week???


  1. Love the menu and I'm vary flattered :). I posted the recipes you had mentioned, so I hope you get a chance to look. Please let me know if you get to try them. Have a great week!

  2. The meatballs look great! I actually do have a recipe with a tomato-based sauce, unfortunately in this house right now, if it's not Italian sauce with meatballs =protest! I'm sure that will change. eventually :)


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