Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

FREE! Shavuos / Shavuot / שבעות Lapbook – and more!

UPDATE:  Pictures of the lapbook in progress!

Well, I’ve had a busy evening… creating the following lapbook components that you are free to use however you want.  If you use them, I’d love to hear about it and maybe even see pictures!! 

These printables are totally free.  If you use them with a group, co-op, or in a classroom setting, or if you’re just a super-nice person, please consider sending a teeny tiny donation to cover the lattes that keep me up late creating these marvellous resources.

The first one, Walking to Yerushalayim, is not specifically for lapbooking… I wanted to do something for the theme of “walking” tied in with the Hebrew word “regel.”  So kids can use these two maps to create footprints – real or miniature, using a fist – to help envision themselves “walking” to Yerushalayim.

Everything else here is decidedly more lapbooky, including:

  • NEW!  (and the absolute last item for this year) Copywork Aseres HaDibros Mitzvah Train mini-book
  • Shalosh Regalim “Feet” mini-book
  • Five Megillos mini-book
  • Four names of Shavuos
  • Two luchos / aseres hadibros mini-book
  • A Shavuos Midrash:  Nations of the World
  • Where in the World:  Map Activity / Mini-book
  • Have a piece of cheesecake! circle book
  • Seasons of Celebration – 4 season Yom Tov flip-up mini-book
  • Story of Ruth – Mini-Notebook, Story and Narration Tips

Where can you get these?

  • To download these and other Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) printables, including weekly parsha copywork, click here (scroll down to Yom Tov / Holiday resources).
  • For General Studies printables, including Science, English and Math, with a classical / Charlotte Mason bent, click here.

(Some of these shapes may look a bit familiar if you purchased the Pesach lapbook… ;-) )


Other links that may be useful in creating a lapbook, organized by theme to help you search.  These are Christian sites, so be careful; check all materials carefully for crosses, references to the “Old” testament and to JC himself).

Ten Commandments / Aseres HaDibros (Protestants use a different numbering system, and the Ten Commandments are slightly different)


King David / David & Golyas (David HaMelech was born and died on Shavuos, and was the great-grandson of Rus, whose story we read on Shavuos):

  • Very cute “Life of King David” minibook from Teacher Created Resources
  • Another Christian minibook about David & Goliath
  • My favourite so far of the goyish David & Goliath stories (cute graphics, no Christian imagery, blank quote boxes for kids to write in) – multiple sizes in one file including “poster-sized”

Hopefully, I’ll add more resources as I discover them…

UPDATE! Here's a video of Naomi Rivka presenting the finished lapbook:

UPDATED UPDATE – same lapbook, 5773/2013 edition! (this time, done jointly by Naomi Rivka and Gavriel Zev):