FREE Printable Hebrew/English Plants/חלקי הצמח Activity

We have moved onto botany and plant science in our Living Learning Science curriculum and I wanted to keep up the Hebrew side of things a bit, so I created this printable poster, and then had the brilliant idea of cutting it up and pasting the parts onto colourful paper (this is regular-sized printer paper because I’m sick of trying to cram construction paper into the kids’ binders).

Lots more great links to botany and plant science information in Hebrew at this site… if you read Hebrew, which I don’t!  (but Google Translate is helpful)

Here is Gavriel Zev doing his.  He enjoys pasting, though he has a light touch with the glue stick and this creations often fall apart.

Shabbos ready 007

Shabbos ready 038You can do this in one of two ways:  for an easy activity, cut the English/Hebrew labels out together.  There are only four:  simple!  To make it a bit tougher, like I did for Naomi Rivka, cut apart the English and Hebrew to make EIGHT labels, so they have to stop and figure out which goes with which.

I also had the kids colour in the different parts and for Naomi, copy the names of the parts.  I wrote them out so she could see them handwritten before she did hers, and I think she did a great job!

Remember, if you’re doing Plant Parts and want a decent poem to go along with it, I have a printable for that, too!

  • Download these printable PDFs from my General Studies printables page here.
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) printables, including weekly parsha copywork, click here.


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