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Family Shabbos Food How-To: Purkey Tastries!

These are the turkey pastries we often enjoy on Shabbos.  Not particularly good for you, but they are super-fast and easy to make, and also easily delegated to a willing teenager looking for a simple, undemanding cooking task.

First, preheat the oven to 425°.  These are fast to make, so preheat right away.  Oh, and thaw a package of frozen puff pastries well in advance, preferably overnight in the fridge.  :-)

Shabbos ready 016

1.  Separate one square and roll it a bit flatter with a rolling pin.  You don’t have to obliterate it, but this step not only makes the puff pastry thinner, it also comes out crispier and “lighter” tasting.

 Shabbos ready 025Shabbos ready 017 

2.  Grab a piece of turkey and whomp it on the diagonal puff-pastry square (aka diamond).

Shabbos ready 018

3.  Squeeze mustard over it in an attractive zigzag.  I used French’s Honey Mustard, but have used dijon, or even regular yellow mustard, in the past.

 Shabbos ready 019

4.  Fold up the bottom corner of the diamond.

 Shabbos ready 020

5.  Roll up as you would for blintzes or egg rolls.  Don’t worry if some mustard escapes.

 Shabbos ready 021 Shabbos ready 022 

6.  Fold the ends up and over to seal them shut.

 Shabbos ready 024   

7.  Place wrap seam-side-down on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet.

Shabbos ready 028

8.  Brush completed wraps with beaten egg.

 Shabbos ready 029 

9.  Sprinkle with the last few sesame seed dregs left in the house.

 Shabbos ready 031

10.  Bake 15 minutes or so, until golden brown or your children rescue them from the oven.

 Shabbos ready 032

Seriously, the whole process (except baking) can be finished in about 5 minutes, start to finish.

Serve hot Friday night or rewarm for Shabbos lunch.  They’re served with a bit of honey-mustard or regular mustard on the side (whatever your family prefers).