Draw Write Now – Duck & Barn

reading 003DWN continues to be one of our favourite parts of the week.  I have Volume 7 on my wish list at Rainbow Resources – I think it’s Volume 7 – it has some geography type things that I thought would go perfectly with our other studies, as well as the usual drawing lessons.

They recommend that you do Book 1 before any of the other books, but after that, they don’t progress in any particular order, so you just order the books that have the animals or types of characters you want to learn how to draw.  So I’ll probably see where we’re going with Elemental Science and find one or two that have the most animals we’re going to cover.

A couple of the animals – like the horse and cow – have been a bit over Naomi Rivka’s head, and so we have had some frustration.  I was very relieved to be back on birds, because the next couple (we’re going through the book in order) are VERY easy. 

Neither Naomi nor Gavriel Zev can wait to get to the page where you learn how to turn a number “2” into a swan.  Gavriel Zev isn’t even trying to do any of the drawing, but he loves to watch and – fun side benefit – now enjoys doing everything in his life step by numbered step.  He will happily put on his shoes now that I have given him a 4-step algorithm:  1) open shoe big, 2) HOLD the tongue and don’t let go, 3) insert foot (he loves using the word insert!), 4) close it tight.

He also loves just flipping through the book, perhaps because of visualizing the drawing process even if he isn’t at all ready to jump in just yet.


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