Conference 2011: I’m going! Maybe! IY”H! Are you?

cooltext517336770Still a couple of details to work out (and I still have to pay!), but yes, it looks like, God willing, and everybody else as well, I will be spending a Sunday in Baltimore for this year’s Torah Home Education Conference.

You cannot believe how excited I am!

There’s a pretty cheap MegaBus that leaves right after Shabbos and gets in early Sunday morning.  So the plan is that I will sleep on the bus both Saturday and Sunday nights, and spend all day Sunday hangin’ with my homeschooling peeps. 


Are all homeschoolers as antisocial and/or poorly socialized as I am?  I hope not!  I hope I am the shyest of the bunch… it would be terrible to be in a room full of people like me.


In my excitement, I created two fabulous logos online!


And you can bet there are more details to come… when I have some.

Is anyone else out there planning on attending this???


  1. I think you and I would make good company. :) :) :) I so, so, so wish I could be there. :(

  2. I would love to go and have the details still bookmarked but don't know how I would swing it.

  3. I went last year and was hoping to go this year, but it isn't in the cards. I had a blast and came back invigorated and inspired.

    I hope you enjoy it!

  4. I did not know anything about this conference. I so want to go. I sent the link to the Daddy. If I can bring Baby O I may actually get to go. We are close enough that I can do it as a day trip.


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