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FREE Printable (blank) Weekly Parsha Narration Page

parsha narration bamidbar You know how I love having a form for every purpose!  This is a very simple blank page where your or your child can narrate or “tell” the story of the parsha.  There is a space at the top for a drawing, and an extra-large triple-ruled line for copying out the name of the parsha in English and/or Hebrew (we do both).

(Please ignore the text of this sheet!  It’s pretty much rubbish; she said the same thing twice and stood around whining for much of the time that she couldn’t remember anything… it’s been a rough week.  But the picture and copywork turned out nicely!)

I actually started out creating copywork sheets because I have such lousy handwriting. 

Especially in Hebrew, I probably COULDN’T create copywork pages worth copying, although my print handwriting is definitely improving.  But now that I have learned to touch-type in Hebrew, it’s easy to rattle off a parsha copywork sheet.

Although we have begun using pencils for most of our schoolwork – oy, vey, does having an electric sharpener make a difference! - I usually let Naomi do the parsha illustration with a pen because the drawings look nicer.  She gets very creative with these sometimes.

I am pleased to say, by the way, that (thanks to forcing myself to use the Handwriting Without Tears font when printing for the kids) my English handwriting is coming along nicely… although, when I’m going quickly as I was on this sheet, it doesn’t always show.

Here’s what the blank page looks like:

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