Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Back to Homeschool… and another family election! (updated with results)

Once again, with a federal election upon us (the last one was municipal), I have set up a family election, this time for Prime Minister. 

Instead of ballots (because some of us are illiterate ahem, sorry, PREliterate), I set up a “ballot box” that allows a single pistachio to be inserted near the face of the chosen candidate.  There are mugs underneath to catch the pistachios (and labelled with the proper candidates’ names, to prevent tampering).

election 027election 026

Here’s Naomi, practicing casting her ballot – for herself.  She’s a bit excited because she won last time, with four votes.

election 025

I’m thinking of opening up this election to friends and neighbours, so if you live in the neighbourhood, come on by and vote anonymously!

In other news, we’re back to our regular stool school (oy, can you spell distracted???) stuff… EASING our way in because all of us are rusty, to say the least.  Today, we did math – some skip counting and then a regular JUMP Math session; easy, easy! – then writing, phonics and this nifty little Draw Write Now art lesson.  The horse was our hardest animal so far, and Naomi just couldn’t get the legs right.  However, I like the fact that she improvises and finishes it in her own way, rather than just giving up.

election 024  

We also started with First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind.  I’ll let you know how it goes… not thrilled so far, because the format is a bit stilted.  We’ll see!

Tomorrow, we’ll tackle Hebrew and start up again with the Science.  Plus geography.

UPDATE:  Election Results!!!  In a complicated 2-stage process, Gavriel Zev is the CLEAR WINNER and our new family Prime Minister!