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Wayback Memory Machine: 16 and a half years ago

jeremy bris

Here’s my father, captured on actual film freeing some bagel or blintz from his teeth… along with Jeremy, who died 6 years ago today.  Also the rav of Bobov, behind the pillar, and some old friends I mostly don’t see anymore.

Easy to remember how long it’s been:  Naomi Rivka was a teeny newborn when he died… so it’s always the same number as her age.

Yeshaya Dov ben Avraham, but for the last years, he went back to using Jeremy.  His family observes the English date, April 8th, which is also coming up this week.

And drat!  I just realized that neither kid knows, unless YM miraculously remembered.  I know he said kaddish last month, in Adar 1, so that’s some comfort, but I don’t know if he’s supposed to do both.  We don’t even HAVE yahrzeit candles in the house… bad, bad Mommy.  I was planning to buy some before Pesach.  MUST remember a bit earlier next year.

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