Monday, April 11, 2011

Someone to hate

image Now, I’m all for advance preparation – don’t get me wrong!

But once you have one week to go, dontcha hate coming across checklists like this one that chirpily announce, “6 weeks to Pesach - First Phase of Clothes shopping”!

How about “3 weeks to Pesach - Begin giving kids Pesachdik snacks”!

My kids begin eating Pesachdik snacks, well… on Pesach.  Maybe erev Pesach, or else they just wander around gnawing on their knuckles until I relent and toss them an apple because there’s nothing left to eat and nothing clean and nothing that isn’t in the middle of the Big Cooking Balagan.

I am HOPING (shh, it’s only a hope) to avoid the Big Cooking Balagan this year by virtue of the fact that Ted is off motzaei Shabbos, Sunday and Monday.  Maybe, just maybe… if we turn over the kitchen tomorrow, I will be able to use at least TWO of those days for cooking, instead of doing it all the afternoon before the seder like usual.  We shall see…