Shabbos Food!

Ted’s working today, so he did a LOT of the work last night.  I just can’t seem to get stuff done while there are kids around, which is a terrible thing because there are always kids around.  I’ll stick an asterisk next to everything that’s left for me to do!

Dinner (Meat)

  • Soup
  • * Challah
  • Onion Chickens (Ted seasoned the chicken overnight in mayonnaise)
  • * Easy oven egg rolls (Ted made the filling last night)
  • * Homemade farfel w/broccoli (if I can I did! figure out how to make homemade farfel!)
  • * Corn
  • Desserts

Lunch (Dairy)

  • * Challah
  • Blintz loaf (Ted made this last night when I wasn’t looking, I guess)
  • Honey mustard salmon (Ted made this last night)
  • * Israeli salad (tomato-cucumber – we are buying tomatoes again because they have a Canada sticker, though I suspect they are shipped here from greenhouses in BC, and between heating the greenhouse and shipping, are probably not much better than tomatoes from Spain or Peru or wherever) – ELISHEVA WILL MAKE IT ON SHABBOS – with luck!
  • Desserts


  • * Easy Blueberry Puff Pastries
  • * one more dessert???  Maybe ginger cookies from a mix
  • * Prince William’s Royal Wedding Chocolate Biscuit Cake (made with Social Tea biscuits, which I believe are Not Exactly Right) – Ted made the cake but I have to ganache it today.

(the last was Ted’s special request – this from a man who, between the Scottish and Irish blood, has probably been under the boot of English royalty for close to a millennium)

Plus a lot of dish-washing…. plus, something smells absolutely FOUL in the fridge.  I really, really don’t want to know what it is!  But I suspect the grown-up thing is to root it out and get rid of it!


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