Preschool Pesach Math Fun!

weekdays 004Easy, easy activity.  I have these numbers left over from GZ’s Winter Math sheet, so  I used them to show Paroh (Pharaoh) beleaguered by frogs!  These are our regular math frogs anyway, so they were used to being counted.  We had already counted snowflakes a couple of different ways, so he wasn’t too patient with counting the frogs, but enjoyed the activity and played with the frogs and “Paroh” a bit afterwards.

Today’s cuteness is him singing the days of the week.  Have I mentioned that I love these "Days of the Week" signs?

Bought on eBay 2 years ago, I put velcro on the back so we can stick them up on our "Today is" sign (I ditched the "yesterday was" and "tomorrow will be" - too complicated! 

I flipped the Saturday one to write "Shabbos" on the back.  They come down easily so GZ can sort them and pick out the correct day.  He doesn't read yet, but has been sorting and "reading" these easily for months, I suspect based on the colours along with the first letter - I've seen him pause between Tuesday and Thursday, which is how I suspected the first letter was the tip-off.

Anyway, today I asked him to put them in order and we sang the song together.  Easy stuff, but he loves it!


  1. Cute video! My 4 year old does better with manipulatives. That inspires me to get creative and start making some.


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