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Parsha Poem: Metzora / מְּצֹרָע

וַיִּקְרָא / VAYIKRA / LEVITICUS 14:1-15:33:  READ ITHEAR IT.

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A plague upon your house there falls
        A spreading slimy stain;

Upon your ceiling and your walls,

        Infected, a gruesome blain.


Before you say, “Why me, Hashem?”

        Remember why it’s there;

For your bad ways it comes to condemn,

        So stop and think and stare.


Then call a kohein, fleet and swift,

        But first remove your things;

In case tzara’as is the gift,

        That your misconduct brings.


If your piano lies within,

        Your brand-new chest of drawers;

They could be tainted by your sin,

        And become no longer yours.


So haul it outside to lie on the lawn;

        Your clothing and your purse.

No more to hide behind curtains drawn,

        That’s the message of this verse.


All of your secrets must first come to light,

        Be seen and understood.

You must come down from a very great height,

But that’s probably for the good.


For it is Hashem who gives you stuff,

Your piano or your flute;

And if you don’t use them well enough,

You’re left with no more loot.


How to be sure that you use it well?

        Well, try generosity;

Don’t think that you’re all totally swell,

        If all that you’re thinking is “ME!”


Whatever Hashem gives is meant to be shared,

        Your toys and also your home,

Or from Tzara’as you might not be spared,

That’s the message of this poem.


It’s way easier just to open your doors,

        To welcome every guest,

That’s the message this parsha underscores,

        For it’s what Hashem knows is the best.