Oy, vey, TEDTASTIC! Pesach plagues colouring pages!


At long, LONG last, my husband (that’s Ted) has come through on his promise to draw a few Pesach colouring pages… and in this case, “a few” is 10 – one for each plague!

(in all fairness, it took so long because he’s so exhausted with Pesach cleaning, but shouldn’t we still have our priorities???)

Anyway, trust me; it’s great.  Download it FREE for personal use – for school, co-op or print/web use, please contact me (jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com) for licensing information.

  • Grab this free 11-page original art colouring book from my Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) printables page here.
  • For General Studies printables, in English and Hebrew, click here.

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    1. These are great!!! Thanks Ted!

    2. These are great!!! Thanks Ted!

    3. I'm not sure if my last comment went through or not- I hit the wrong key. These are great drawings Ted, thanks!

    4. Glad everybody loves it! Please link to your kids' pics with these!

    5. Oh, these are so awesome! Although I think Mr. Matzah looks a bit... happy... for someone with boils all over his arm.

      Thank Ted for us!


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