Menu Plan Monday: 29 Adar II, 5771

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Other “weekly challenges”:

We’re a Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.  Read my MPM intro here or just visit my big ol’ list of Everything We Eat.  We eat imagemostly vegetarian, with one vegan meal every single week – on Vegan Vursday, of course!

Continuing to gear up for Pesach, but in the meantime, everybody has to eat.  The weather is still cold – drat!  Definitely doesn’t feel like spring yet.

Sunday (last night):  Takeout Howie T’s Burger Bar hamburgers (blah; dry and tasteless burger with nothing on it)

Monday:  Fleishik (meat) chili (Ted’s request from last week) with cornbread OR beer bread on top (depending on whether we have corn meal in the house)

Tuesday (Ted late):  homemade pizza, sweepo wedges

Wednesday:  Chicken and potatoes and samosas (Naomi’s request)

Thursday (Ted off):  Indian food meal with Naan (I use coconut milk instead of yogurt and then the whole thing is pareve)

Friday:  I dunno!!!


  1. We had our Indian meal with naan tonight. I used coconut milk-based yogurt.


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