Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cartooning for Pesach

lappy 007 As I mentioned in my Pesach Resources Roundup, I found this FREE how-to-draw Pesach cartoons book, and decided to skip our regular Draw-Write-Now session for some Pesach doodles.

These matzah guys look simple but they was actually a little more complicated than our usual illustrations.  The wiggly lines were crazy hard for Naomi to draw.  But I really like the caption she’s got on this one!

lappy 001Secretly, this and the lapbook are all part of my campaign against the strong “I hate Pesach” contingent in this family.  Mostly older kid(s), but the little kids pick it up too and walk around saying stuff like “it’s my worst yom tov!”  Between all the fun activities, the delicious food and the chol hamoed outings, I hope to win at least Naomi over…

One kid at a time, right?