Shabbos Food!

Haven’t done one of these in a while, and that’s because my head  has been encased in a fog of apathy that may be winter or may be sleeplessness or may be something else entirely; I have no idea.

But anyway, here’s the menu!  (*=Me, T=Ted, K=kid)  Lines through stuff that’s already done – which is (scarily) hardly anything, as of 4:44 pm.


  • * Challah
  • T – Soup w/ K – kneidlach
  • T – Shepherd’s Pie
  • K – stick-style carrots
  • * Corn
  • * Desserts


  • * Challah
  • T – Pareve Cholent
  • T – frozen blintzes (fried by Ted)
  • K* Cucumber Salad
  • * Tabouli (except tomatoes which will be added last-minute)
  • T – Lettuce Salad (to do on Shabbos)
  • K – cheese slices  (to plate on Shabbos)
  • K – orange jello w/cherries floating in it
  • * Desserts


  • Carrot cake (mix) with Tofutti cream cheese frosting (if Ted can get find the cream cheese!)
  • Hmm… something chocolatey, but what???  Blondies!!!

Shalosh Seudos -

Out at neighbourhood potluck!!!


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