Purim Kiddies

Didn’t get a shot of Elisheva in her lunch lady costume last night.  Drat!

Anyway,  Gavriel Zev was a super-scary crocodile and Naomi started the day as Belle but later morphed into Queen Esther (yay for Jewish heroes!).

ted's Purim 001  ted's Purim 006 ted's Purim 007 ted's Purim 009

Even the Barbies got in on the action!  This one’s dressed up as a fashion model with a bear on her head…

 ted's Purim 037


  1. Cute pictures! Mine dressed up as a cat, ladybug girl, and a fireman.

  2. So cute!!

    Princess was going to dress up as Queen Esther, but ended up coming down with a bug of some sort. Oh well...maybe next year. :)


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