Sunday, March 20, 2011

שירון פורים/Purim Fairy Song Book! (perfect for next year!)

I know, I know… where was this post YESTERDAY???


Well, about twenty seconds before my family was due to arrive for the Purim seudah this afternoon, Naomi requested that we all sing a particular song.  Well, if we were going to try to sing together, we’d need lyrics.

(also, wonderful, melodic voices, but let’s not push it – at least I can find lyrics on the Internet!)

So I sat down and put together a page of words for a few Purim songs.  Not that there aren’t songbooks out there, but I wanted translations and transliterations, just like we have in our Chanukah book.

Of course, I wasn’t able to throw much together in a few minutes, so I spent an hour or so just now putting a better song book together… just in time for next Purim!  (or Shushan Purim, if you live in an ancient walled city)


image image

Songs included (transliterations are Ashkenaz except Israeli songs):

  • Ani Purim (I am Purim) /אני פורים
  • Chag Purim /חג פורים
  • Venahafoch / ונהפוך
  • Shoshanas Yaakov / שׁוֹשַׁנַּת יַעֲקֹב
  • Al HaNissim / על הניסים
  • LaKova Sheli (My Hat) / לכובע שלי
  • Laytzan Katan (Little Clown)  / ליצן קטן
  • Nosh, Nosh (Hamentash Song)
  • Vayehi Biymei Achashveirosh  / ויהי, בימי אחשוורוש
  • A Wicked, Wicked Man
  • Utzu Eitzah  / עוצו עצה
  • Esther’s Day (ttto Yesterday)
  • Mishenichnas Adar / משנכנס אדר

Not all the Hebrew versions have vowels, but this is a basic attempt to provide Hebrew, English and transliterations wherever possible.  If I get a chance before next Purim, I may buff it up a bit.

Download it from my Limudei Kodesh printables page here – scroll down to the Purim section.

Of course, what you need to go along with something like this is audio tracks, and unfortunately, I cannot provide those.  Luckily, there’s YouTube and a bunch of other great resources.  Here are a few sites to try to find tunes (for some, you may need to be able to type and spell in Hebrew – sorry!):

Other Jewish and Hebrew music sites, in absolutely no order:

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