Pigs with Draw Write Now

In case I was expecting a nice farmyard illustration for today’s follow-up Draw Write Now lesson on pigs – well, nope. 

What I got instead is basically an anatomically-correct piggy variant of her perennial theme:  having a baby.  (see this earlier drawing, which is basically the same picture only with humans)

pigs 001

She no longer believes babies come from belly buttons, following a frank discussion a couple of weeks ago.  She only kind of suspected the belly-button region, which I think I read is psychologically known as “upward displacement” (?) – where it is too uncomfortable to imagine that the baby could come from anywhere lower, so the child suspects the higher, more innocuous opening.

When I say explicit, if you look very closely, you’ll see that everybody but the baby has the correct nudie-bits, even though Draw Write Now doesn’t provide them.  It’s a female doctor, of course, wearing a name-plate / saddle-thing that reads “Dr. Pig”.

Sigh… maybe next week, we’ll get a nice pastoral landscape out of this girl when we do sheep.  Or perhaps just a SHEEP labour-and-delivery scene.  You never know!


  1. The birth junkie in me wants to know why she drew the mommy pig lying on her back. I zealously think every girl and woman should know that the "dead cockroach position" (aka lithotomy) is NOT ideal for giving birth. Well, maybe it's ideal for Dr. Pig...

    rant over.

  2. LOL! This picture is sooo funny! I love it.


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