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GREAT BIG Pesach Lapbook / Lapfolder – for Passover 5771/2011

imageOnce again, I’m planning a Pesach lapbook this year… and I’m SELLING it, too!

Although I have some resources that I have bought online, I’m finding that most of what I want to cover is not available… so I have once again painstakingly created several excellent resources to include in our lapbook.

As with my Jewish Book of Centuries, I have to charge for this one, and I’ll email you the files directly as PDFs in one big ZIP file.  PayPal me something, say $4 or $5, I will email you all FOURTEEN components of this lapbook so far, PLUS anything else I create for our own lapbook between now and Pesach. 

Read on for the fine print!

Here’s what’s included:

  1. Erev Pesach Observances – Circle MiniBook
  2. Getting Ready for Pesach – 4-way Shutterfold
  3. Seder 15 Steps to Freedom – Staircase MiniBook
  4. Four Names of Pesach Four-Flap MiniBook
  5. Moshe Story “Passover Haggadah” MiniBook
  6. Mah Nishtanah 4-Tab MiniBook
  7. Pesach Foods Tab Flaps Quiz Book
  8. Pesach Numbers Pyramid MiniBook (plus Pesach Pyramid MiniBook Blanks if you want to create your own)
  9. Four Cups Four Words of Freedom MiniBook
  10. Seder Plate Project
  11. Three Matzahs Folding MiniBook
  12. Ten Plagues/Makkos Pentagon Accordion MiniBook
  13. Going Out Ourselves creative activity “in every generation”
  14. We Change Our Tefillah – 2 flap MiniBook with cover
  15. Setting the Seder Table – matchbook MiniBook
  16. Where in the World – shutterfold map MiniBook
  17. Ten Makkos Song – Mini Shape Book
  18. Pesach Lapbook Planner in Word format lets you add your own items and make sure nothing gets left out.

The fine print!

Because this is primarily for my daughter to use, I’m aiming it for a Grade 1 age level, but there is some flexibility to use it for kids a bit younger or older.

What I won’t do:

  • I won’t tell you how to put your lapbook together (you can click here to see pics of how we’re putting ours together). 
  • I don’t provide any information about Judaism or Pesach.  Judaism 101 is a great site to start looking up that kind of stuff.  There are so many resources out there, but so few great printables; that’s where I come in.

Here are previews.  You can also see pictures of our own lapbook in progress here.

UPDATE:  To order Pay-What-You-Can products, click here or on the “Buy Printables” link at the top-right corner of the blog to get to my PayPal page.  While you’re there, check out my other PWYC lapbooks and printables!

And you can always click here for TOTALLY free Jewish printables!

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