Parsha Poem: Tzav /צַו

וַיִּקְרָא / vayikra / Leviticus 6:1-8:36

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This week we’re reading the parsha called Tzav,
And this is the week where, when push comes to shove,
Hashem forgives Aharon for the sin of the calf –
And helps him go on to become Chief of Staff.
But what had poor Aharon really done wrong?
When the Jews built an egel, he just went along.
But a leader’s a leader for always, it’s true,
And a good one can show the whole world what to do.
In his fear, in his worry, he’d been very weak,
Giving in to the Jews for the idol they’d seek.
Though he stalled them a bit, in the end he gave in,
And allowed those awful events to begin.
But now, midrash says, Moshe davened for him,
Told Hashem “Please – he is like my own limb.”
Without him, Moshe just could not go on;
From Aharon’s strength, Moshe’s greatness was drawn.

Hashem truly knew he was up to the task,
And at last came the moment he’d finally ask;
With this word, “tzav,” an eternal decree,
The kohein’s true greatness for Israel to see.
And what about now?  Well, they’re still here today;
Aharon’s sons where we live, work and play.
Some of them Cohen, Katz, Kaplan or Kahn –
They’re Aharon’s descendents; his family lives on.
But that’s no surprise when you read every word,
Right there in line six – and all Israel heard:
“The fire will always remain lit and burning” –
Hashem means the Jews, who are always returning.
As long as we’re here on this planet He made,
We must never, for a moment, at all be afraid;
Wherever we wander, our kohanim are there,
Still lighting that fire… with Aharon’s prayer!



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