Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

One (two?) more Purim homeschool printables!

Not that we’re going to have time to work on these, because both kids are in March Break camps, but I hope we’ll find time somehow, because these are right at Naomi’s level right now. 

Copywork and mapwork for the Purim Story:

image image

I know, it sounds like no fun… but there’s a serious side to this holiday, too.  And just in case it’s TOO serious, you can always put on some frantic Purim music in the background while you work on these!  Try Israel National Radio’s free Jukebox (look under Holidays)!

The copywork page has a single verse in an easy-to-trace outline font. 

And the map…?  Well, maps are tons of fun, if you do them right, and can really help these important lessons sink in and become REAL.  On this greatly simplified ancient near-east map, kids can identify a couple of the places in the Purim story and trace a line from Yerushalayim to Shushan.  As a kid, I never quite understood the vastness of the Persian Empire; I think seeing it on a map can really help with that.

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