Mournful-Word Monday: SERVICING

Have you noticed that nobody simply “serves” any more?  From the Department of “Making things sound fancier than they actually are” it is now official:  any time you would formerly have said that something or someone SERVED, you will henceforth say “serviced.” 

(Which frankly, for me, has some rather unsavoury overtones, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.)

Now I bet you’re going to ask me for an example.  And usually, I’ve got examples right at my fingertips.  Today will be the notable exception. 

I have heard it about fifteen times, which is why it’s been nagging in the back of my mind for a while.  But I haven’t heard it misused specifically within the last hour, so all my wonderful examples (I accidentally typed a few extra X’s – most apropos!) have gone completely out of my mind.

Still:  listen for it – within the next few days, you WILL hear it… being used wrong.  And then you can come back and post your (undoubtedly wonderful) example here in the Comments section.

I thank you for your service.

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  1. Unsavoury is a pretty delicate way of putting it. Usually if you want to be serviced you have to pay a "lady of the night" or equivalent some pretty hefty money. Just sayin'.

  2. YOU are allowed to say it - I have a reputation to uphold!

    And not that kind of reputation, either...


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