More Printables for Purim!

Two more printables for Purim, and I think that’s going to be it.  You can find these on my regular Limudei Kodesh downloads page (scroll down to the Yom Tov section).  For secular printables, visit my General Studies downloads page.

Purim Colouring Pages (7):  Not terribly creative, but these are a few wonderful Purim colouring pages designed by my husband (what a rare treat; I never ask him to draw for my school stuff!!).  Two versions of some of the pages:  one with do-a-dot (bingo dabber) circles drawn in (as shown here) plus a version open spaces for freeform colouring.

Purim-theme Logic Puzzles (3):  In some cases, the connection to Purim is tenous – sorry!  I have been wanting to try basic grid-style logic puzzles, and there are three levels of difficulty here (we will probably only use the first one or two this year).  This makes a nice extension of a math course, as logic isn’t really covered in most math programs – though it probably should be.

4shared gives me better reporting so I know how many TIMES these have been downloaded… but still, I’d love it if you’d drop me a note to let me know how you’re using these in your home or school!


  1. Oh wow thanks! more Purim printables. I know 2 little girls who will be very excited:)
    They really loved the first batch.
    Thank you

  2. Thanks! We've been using them and think they're great! I love that there is a traceable version of the Parsha now. It works better for my 6 yr old and now my 4 yr old will do the traceable part. My 9 yr old does the original version.

  3. Parsha is coming, bli neder, before I take Naomi to ballet this afternoon. :-)

  4. I am really excited to try the logic with my 6 year old. Thank you so much - and your new way of uploading is working out well!


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