Maudlin-Word Monday: GREENING


The word GREEN is tedious already; enough has been said elsewhere about just how OVER that word is… 

So how about… GREENING?

Are you up for a little GREENING?

We’re doing a little GREENING around here… yes, indeedy-o!)

Right now, I’m in the middle of starting (yup, procrastination will do that!) an article I swore I thought would be absolutely fascinating when I pitched it to my editor… but it turns out, it’s kind of dull.  And wholesome.  And green. 

The article is about an organization with the word “Greening” in its very TITLE… meaning I will undoubtedly have to use the word about fifty times in the next five hours it will take to extract this article, letter by painstaking letter, from the very depths of my miserable soul.


Here is the most dull “greening”-related material I could find, so I wanted to share it with you because I am expected to actually READ this document while the rest of you can merely glance at the cover and move on with your lives.



  1. Blech. I do not like the word Greening... although maybe it is a very accurate description for making changes of dubious benefit for the sake of appearing environmentally conscious.


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