Human Body lapbook in progress! (FREE)

cut up 026  It’s been a couple of months since we did a lapbook, and since we’re wrapping up our Human Body explorations over the next couple of weeks, I thought we’d sum it all up with this FREE “My Body Lapbook” science stuff over at

(thanks to Yolanda for the link; she did this so amazingly with her boys last week!)

I guess I should call what we do lapfolders, because they’re not really full lapbooks… but I’m not going to change the tag, and at some point, we may go ahead and start doing more elaborate projects.

There are so many bits and pieces; ambitiously, I printed a ton of them, but realistically, they probably won’t all fit in our limited one-file-folder format.  These things are SO much fun!!!


  1. Oh I wish we could do lapbooks. Each time I've tried, the neurotic in me becomes frustrated with the "mess" of those "bits and pieces". I dunno.. perhaps I'll look more into at as a learning experience and that will override my OCPD LOL


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