Fun-ography Geography!

Wow – what a productive and busy snow day of creative learning we have had today!

schooly 007As part of our beginning explorations of geography, we’re looking at how maps turn 3-d, REAL things into 2-d, ABSTRACT things.  Easy and super-FUN!

Here, we made different arrangements of “mentschie” furniture in a shoebox – and later, in the lid, which was simpler.  We drew the arrangements from above, first on the whiteboard and then on a piece of paper.  I also showed Naomi what a simple “front view” drawing would schooly 009look like, though it may not have looked like anything much due to my awful drawing abilities. 

At her request, I folded her page so she could do two versions of our final arrangement – one with simple shapes like squares and a second with details drawn on like furniture textures and people lying in the beds.

imageThis activity was partly inspired by My First Map Book, the map skills book we’ve started (though that activity doesn’t have kids draw maps). 

It would also go very nicely if you’re reading Me on the Map (we did it last year).image

This wasn’t the only doodling we got done this afternoon… I think Naomi is having a particularly “arty” day today, as you will see in my next two posts!


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