Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

FUN-nics Phonics with Explode the Code!

schooly 005One of the features Naomi and I have both come to enjoy about Explode the Code are the silly yes/no sentences included in each unit.  They are good, solid reading practice – but they also indulge her sense of the ridiculous. 

Today, in addition to answering yes/no to each one, she made me promise she’d have time at the end to do a tiny doodle for each of the silly sentences.  At first, she was only going to illustrate the “NO” sentences, which are fairly surreal, but in the end, she did all of them.  Here’s what she came up with!


The plum is thinking, “I skip!”


The skunk is thinking, “Yes, gas” as he sips from a pump nozzle.

school3 I like that she clearly put some thought into this one…school4 Fly swatter.school5There’s a bicycle on the other side of the hill.  Why?school6 I love this!  The guy is thinking “help!”school7

Caption reads, “bump; clunk.”  Exactly the sound of slipping in the tub!