Ambleside Composer & Artist Fun: Free Chopin Printable Mini-Book, Art Prints PDF

(free downloadable Delacroix art prints PDF at the end of this post!)

image It’s March!  Precisely one month ahead of the Ambleside Online composer schedule (because we started one month early), we’re moving on to our next composer:  Frederic Chopin. 

Most apropos, because, as it turns out, it’s his (202nd) birthday!!!

album 002  Chopin is our third composer (after Beethoven and Vivaldi), so we’re starting to get the hang of this thing, and I plan to make up a CD of Chopin music I have accumulated within the next couple of days.

There’s a wonderful, simple,old-fashioned kids’ book available (written by Thomas Tapper) for download from Project Gutenberg, but I couldn’t find a PDF version, and frankly, the formatting was horrible. 

album 001So I have taken the liberty of swiping the (public-domain) text and pictures and formatting it all as a nice, printable 14-page booklet, including a Chopin notebooking page (with one illustration, and boxes for 2 more child-drawn pictures – one small, one large).   Download it from my general-studies downloads page here.  (scroll down to find it)

UPDATE:  This was so easy and fun to do that I have also created similar books for Beethoven and Mozart!  Find them on the same downloads page.


Here are a few more Chopin resources, for anyone doing Ambleside or just looking to do a composer study!

  • Printable Biography & word search from MakingMusicFun
  • Classics for Kids – 6-minute radio show about Chopin
  • ClassicalArchives, a paid site, is offering a (limited-time?) free Chopin concert on their home page (look for the words “Classical Intro: FREE Concerts” on the right-hand side).

If you know of any other great composer resources for Chopin, feel free to pop them in the Comments section below!

Artist update!

Finally, this is a package of assorted pictures for Picture Study with this term’s artist, Eugene Delacroix.  I’m not 100% sure we’re going to start picture study, but at least now I’ll have the prints.  The first page is a self-portrait, and the second page, Girl Seated in a Cemetery, is not on the Ambleside list, but included because it was the only one I could easily find a colouring page for online (found on the last page).  All other pages are from the Ambleside Art Prints Yahoo group, but I removed the first one for modesty reasons.


  1. Thank you for sharing your great resources! I will bookmark this for when we study Chopin.

    Ring true,

  2. Thank you for sharing the Chopin book.I picked up a used copy of the Child's Book of Great Musicians -Beethoven years ago -loved it and have been looking for others in the series since.

  3. So great of you to compile and share all of these resources! Thanks:o)

  4. So much work you have done, thank you:)


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