Everybody loves a… ? And March Break Camp!

parade 308What is it exactly that everybody loves?  Why, a PARADE!!!

Yup, it’s Irish Day again in the T-dot!

Okay, everybody now:  yell at me all at once now about what a big hypocrite I am for not celebrating Valentine’s Day, which is of dubious spiritual origins, while taking my kids out to a parade for what is unquestionably a Catholic religious holiday.

I’m sick and miserable anyway, so why the heck not tear me to pieces???

imageIn any event, it was tons of fun, I’m glad we went – despite ongoing unseasonably cold weather. 

Highlights include Gavriel Zev shouting, “Look!  It’s a person from Ancient Egypt!” at the sight of this bearded super-tall St. Pat.

Previous parades:

In other news:

Tonight as she was going to bed, Naomi Rivka said, “Camp is Latin for ‘without your parents.’”

Yup – it’s definite:  she’s pretty excited about the coming March Break week of gymnastics camp.  Gavriel Zev is doing a mornings-only camp at the same community centre.  I figure short-term institutionalization is probably the best way to convince them they don’t want it year round.  Except, of course, that camp is far more FUN than school and they may well get the impression that school is like that every single day.

Do your kids participate in camps or other “breaks” during the school year?  How do you get back into your regular homeschool routines afterwards?  And does it affect your kids’ attitude towards homeschooling???


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