Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Agree or Disagree?

From Charlotte Mason’s Elementary Geography:

“Some countries are more civilized than others. That is, the people know
better what is right and wrong; they behave more properly; send their
children to school, and so are better educated; and know how to do their
work in a better way. They also care more about books and reading, and
are kinder in their ways to one another.”

My sister picked this up over Shabbos and thought it was hilarious – either that or horrifying. 

It’s amazing to me that my kids have no problem cuddling up with a book of geography like this, which is common-sense, fascinating and well-written.  This, in my opinion, is the way geography OUGHT to be taught. 

But should modern children be exposed to ideas like this?  Is this thesis (“some countries are more civilized than others”) actually harmful in some way?  Ridiculously antiquated, as my rather-educated sister seems to think?  (she also acted as if the book was bizarre for crediting God with creating the universe, so there you go)

A bold statement like this certainly defies many modern conventions of political correctness.  But is it WRONG?  Your thoughts???

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