Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Your Digestive System: a narration, by Naomi

OMG, this looks like the creature from Aliens!!!

bread copies 003

She has given this poor specimen of a person literally every organ she could think of, along with all five senses, giving this person a chaotic, almost native American “soul painting” inner life, along with a series of “smol bones” extending down the spine to the floor.  It’s like something out of a medieval anatomy text!

Accompanying narration reads:  “as your food is digested, it goes through two holes.  The two holes are:  one is where it mashes up the food, the other is where it keeps the food and it comes out when you go to the bathroom.  [I think she misheard the word “roles” somewhere along the line]  Parts of the digestive system include:  the little digestive system, the big one and the stomach.”

I think she gets the gist of it, don’t you???