Two more from the “slate”

… and then I’m going to bed!

After her Explode the Code phonics work this morning, Naomi went off in her free time and created her own phonics worksheets for me.  I love them!!!

In the first, I am supposed to choose which of two sentences best describes the picture beside them.  The sentences are:

  • Ned had a bole – this was right
  • Ned had a hat
  • I shar with yo
  • I shra with me – no idea which was right!
  • Cat ets cats [cat eats cats! – she drew it, too, because this was the right answer!]
  • Yuo (heart) me [I sure do]

There’s also a place to write my name, and a checkbox with the instruction, “(check) it in the (checkbox).”

bread copies 002

The second one is also in the Explode the Code format.  I’m supposed to “X” out the picture that starts with the letter she’s drawn on the left.  The top one is A and an apple.

I love these!!!  As with her previous attempts to emulate various curriculum materials, I think (hope) it means she’s enjoying the format of the curriculum, thriving and absorbing our lessons together.


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