Two fun new Hebrew/English science printables!

Haven’t done one in a while, but we’re slowwwwly working our way through the human body, and I thought I’d put two of the simple resources I’ve created.

The first are Hebrew/English Bilingual Body Systems Posters – these include the five senses, plus digestion, respiration, and a couple more.  This is the order we’re doing and the ones we’re covering this year.  I’ll probably make up a few new one when we do this AGAIN with Elemental Science.

image_thumb[2] image

Also, for our body unit, I traced “body outlines” of both kids and we have been pasting on the senses as we learn about them.  So the second printable are these Human Body Printable Paste-On Five Senses.  Basically, clip art images that you can cut and paste on your own child’s “body.”

Links to both these printables are on my downloads page heredon’t click the images, they will only take you to slightly bigger JPG versions!!!

Here are the body parts in action:

body 017

Naomi insists on colouring the body parts before she glues them on, and yes, she insisted on making both eyes – and ears – different colours.  She thinks it’s very beautiful.  Gavriel Zev is making a body, too.  They have been naked, leering paper people in our home for about five weeks now, but starting NEXT WEEK! they’re getting digestive systems, so they will start looking a whole lot less naked.

Again, here’s the link to download.

image In case you’re interested, the body part printouts and core information connected to them comes from My Body – available for download as an eBook from Teacher Created Resources, as well as in print (I bought it at Scholar’s Choice on Bayview). 

The kids’ bodies already have brains (see below), and the top of the face is left unglued to cleverly reveal the brain – just like in real life.  Today, I asked GZ if he wanted to show YM that we’d glued on his nose (he’s VERY proud of his body), and he said, “I don’t want him looking at my BRAIN!!!”  So I made YM promise not to peel imageback the top of the face and look at the brain.  Touchy kid!

The text accompanying each body part is short and succinct – perfect to read to Naomi for her to narrate back.  We have done a few “sense narrations” quite successfully this way.  She adds in whatever else she remembers at the same time.

All in all, an inexpensive resource I’m happy I bought!


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