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Terumah Parsha Activity: “Parts of the Mishkan” Cut & Paste


In case you’re as fascinated by the Mishkan (desert tabernacle) and all its implements as I am… here’s a simple cut and paste activity for kids to create “their own” mishkan. 

There are two levels of difficulty:  the easy level includes all labels in Hebrew and English, plus lists of which bits go where, while the “advanced” level is all in Hebrew, without the hints.

Here’s how to do it (easy, I promise!):

  1. Print the page for the easy or hard level.
  2. Cut out the mishkan shape and stick it to construction paper.
  3. Cut out the implements, with or without their labels.
  4. Stick in the appropriate places.
  5. Done!  My favourite kind of activity – an easy one!

Hint:  the regular kohen goes in the “kodesh” area – the kohen gadol goes in the “kodesh hakodashim.”  He was the only one allowed into the “Holiest of Holies.”

For more information on Parshas Terumah and what the different keilim (implements) were made of – and what they were for – check out this week’s Parsha Narrative here.

The download link is on my regular Limudei Kodesh downloads page.  Scroll down to the parsha activities section.  As always, cyberspace is the least heimish place… leave a comment if you use this or any other printable!

p.s.  Naomi did this activity tonight so I thought I’d add her completed page:

mishkan 001

The wibbly coloured lines around the sides were added after I described the beautiful curtains and suggested she add a colourful design to look like curtains.

Interesting question:  “Hashem didn’t exactly come LIVE in it…”

I agreed that Hashem definitely doesn’t NEED a house in the same way we do. 

She’s trying to wrap her head around the very big idea of Hashem “being” in one particular place while simultaneously, being everywhere – oh, and nowhere.   These are all things she’s learned at various times.  Keep on asking, my child… greater minds than yours have been stumped by these same questions.