Six Word Saturday: Free Printable Foldable Shabbat Micro-Book (with folding tutorial)

So those are my six words: 


Sorry if you don’t think Micro and Book are all one word!!!

I figure I won’t have time for creativity much between now and Pesach (ha ha ha ha), but I’ve been wanting to do a couple of Jewish song books for some of our favourite “Shabbat Circle Time” songs.  So I got busy with this and before I knew it, well, Saturday was almost over and I hadn’t posted my 6WS yet.  So this is it!

imageClick the image for the download link, but for pete’s sake, I know folks are seeing these and downloading them – please leave a comment to say Hi!!!  And do check out my other printables and previous book-like things for kids.

Folding tutorial:

These mini-books used to mystify me – my sister could do it, but I couldn’t.  I have since mastered the art, and am happy to pass along whatever I have learned.  Hope this is helpful!

  1. Download and print the one-page mini-book.
  2. Cut carefully, only along dotted line in the centre.  (hard to see in the picture)

 foldy 002

3.  Fold the paper lengthwise – the “hot dog” fold (bc it’s long and thin)

 foldy 003

4.  Fold the paper widthwise – the “hamburger” fold (bc it’s short and fat)

 foldy 004

5.  Lie the paper upside-down and fold the outer “wings” towards the centre.

 foldy 006

6.  Lie the paper right-side-up and fold the outer “wings” AGAIN towards the centre.

 foldy 007

7.  Fold the book hot-dog style again, and stand it up like a tent.  See how the middle pages now bow naturally outward because of your folds?

 foldy 008

8.  Grab the middle sections and “pinch” them in towards each other, like this:


9.  Now you have a four-pointed star thing:

 foldy 009

10.  Fold the inner pages neatly back and press the mini-book flat with the cover and back page facing upwards:

 foldy 010

11.  Your mini-book is done!

 foldy 011

12.  Optional:  secure the fold and inner page with two staples on the spine.

foldy 012


Other “weekly challenges” I play:


  1. Looks like an exercise in origami! Thanks for playing 6WS!


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