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Simcha? Invite the Amazing Bottle Dancers!

My mother passed this link along to me with the comment from a friend of hers that it was “such a delight to watch!”  (she says she didn’t find it delightful)

What is happening to the Jewish world??  This group, the Amazing Bottle Dancers, are apparently the latest hot thing in simcha entertainment.

This promotional video shows how they can fit their crazy Jewy dance routine into ANY bar or bat mitzvah theme.  Don’t even get me started on themes – there are a number of extremely wonderful goyishe ones in the video if you want a sample.

Here's a "very unique" theme for a bar/bat mitzvah:  Judaism.  Never tried that one, have you?

Their video says bar/bat mitzvah is supposed to be about having a great time.  And guess what?  They’re happy to work around “Themes that have nothing to do with anything Jewish!”  Isn’t that fantastic?  Invite some fake Jews in fake beards with fake accents to do a fake cossack dance - the real cossacks would be proud!

The amazing bottle dancers say they’ll add “that touch of tradition that’s obviously missing from a venue like” a luau, a conga line, the Hard Rock Café – anything your little darling wants (if the little darling has really been consulted on the theme). 

Here’s what I say:  “Feh.”