Shabbos Food!

What has happened to me?  Beyond a colossal headache (today only), I have absolutely zero interest in preparing for Shabbos these days.  Sigh…  I tell myself it’s because I’m waiting for WINTER to be over.

And as a strategic move to prevent me from being utterly horrible to my entire family, Ted seems to have taken over doing much of the Shabbos cooking on Thursday night.  Again, this isn’t “luck” on my part – I suspect it’s more like self-preservation on HIS part.  Sigh… and sigh again.

Dishes with an ASTERISK are my responsibility.  Dishes with an EXCLAMATION mark are currently being done by kids.  Dishes with nothing at all are Ted’s job.


  • * Challah
  • Chicken Soup w/ ! kneidlach
  • Amalfi Chicken (kosher by design teens & 20s)
  • ! Pears & Sweepoes (kosher by design teens & 20s)
  • Hoisin vegetables
  • Corn

Lunch (Dairy) – the KISS (Keep it Simple Shabbos) way!

  • * Challah
  • Pareve Cholent
  • Blintz loaf
  • Salad
  • Salmon

Dessert – can’t do without it, headache or not!

  • * Ruined Marshmallow Dessert – Ted’s Aunt Helen’s Social Tea Biscuit recipe
  • Orange Jello
  • * Apple cake (first time trying this)

Good Shabbos!!!

שבת שלום!!!


  1. And now - Shavuah Tov!!
    It is lovely to get comments when I log on after Shabbos... :-)))

  2. Maybe you need to rethink the menu so it'll be more fun.


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