Search Engine Roundup #5!

image Here’s what y’all are looking for – and finding! – right here chez yours truly…

Typical Searches that Bring People to my Blog!

The Popularity Contest!

In case it’s true that popular demand means a page is really, REALLY good, here are my top 10 posts since last May (before that, Google wasn’t keeping track).  Some are obvious, but don’t ask me how some of these got to be the most popular:

In case you’re curious,  here’s Google’s report of the…

Top ten searches that land people here (often, against their will):

  • toronto homeschool mama – all day, every day.
  • adventures in mamaland – yay, that’s ME!
  • jennifer in mamaland – yay, this one is also ME!  I love being sought out!
  • rosh hashanah menu – here’s last year’s
  • adventures in mama land – yup, also me.  Why don’t people have my address, though?  Should I switch to a better URL?
  • carrot costume – cuz I made one for Naomi
  • hms sinkytown – reference to this cute cartoon which I didn’t draw
  • sukkot poem – whatever you call it, here’s your poem!
  • yom kippur cartoon – I didn’t draw it, but I like it

So that’s it for this episode.  Oh, well, except for one…

Very, very last, thing I REALLY wish people wouldn’t search for:

  • That stupid depression meme!!!  Still kicking around the Internet – why???

Yeah, yeah.  I really am off to bed now, I promise.


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