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Parsha Math: The Half Shekel!

UPDATE!  I’ve had enough of Google Docs and will be trying out 4shared.  I apologize in advance – I have a free account and that means you will have a slight delay before you get to download the actual files.  Meanwhile, click HERE (Gittel, I updated with the right link this time!) to download these sheets.

imageThis is an easy set of math sheets looking at what, exactly, a half-shekel is – and how many you need to make a WHOLE shekel.  Simple fractions – fun, wow!

On the first page, children circle the number of half-shekel coins each family would give.  The second page lets them figure out the equivalent in whole shekels. 

imageThe final page uses mentschies and coin manipulatives to demonstrate how the half-shekel was given and how much it was worth in WHOLE shekels.

I thought this would tie in nicely with some of the math we’ve been doing lately and tried to make it very, very simple so the parsha concept as well as the related math concept would become more concrete.

  • You can download this from my limudei kodesh (Jewish subject) printables page here (scroll down to Ki Sisa)
  • For my secular-subjects printables page, click here.