On MY bookshelf!

Must… keep… mommy… brain… alive!!!

Three books I started on Shabbos and actually FINISHED, for a change!

image Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmerby Novella Carpenter.  Yes, that is her real name.  ALMOST (almost!  not quite!) made me want to move down to Oakland (spring starts in FEBRUARY???) and raise hogs on a vacant lot.

This was my “weighty” reading selection, and I really enjoyed it.

AND then there was…

image I Am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorcedby Nujood Ali.  What’s not to like about this book?  It’s short and if you disagree with her that means you agree with marrying and beating 9-year-old girls.  So, indeed, not the most controversial book I’ve ever read.  Or the most fascinating.  It is a serviceable book that tells you all the things you thought it would from the start, in a compact, 188-page package.


image Yup, it's TEEN fiction! Little Darlingsby Jacqueline Wilson.  I’ve had kids for 16 years and never read a single one of her books (she’s the grande dame of British kids’ lit – way before J.K. Rowling came along).  I think the kids have read ALL her books… I think I’ll stick with just this one.

I’m always ashamed to post these “bookshelf” updates in case there’s nothing that DEEP on the reading list.

Maybe it’s because I have a cold, or maybe I’ve just decided that reading is reading, even if it IS the grown-up equivalent of Charlotte Mason’s “twaddle,” and not be afraid to share my reading selections with the entire world!

Is it better to take on LESS challenging books and actually get all the way through them, or better to reach a bit and fall flat on my face, literarily speaking???

And also… any recommendations for what I should read next?


More great reading