Old Pesach Photo

Big boy and girl, kind of camouflaged against the stripes of the sofa.  Date reads “Pesach, 5757” (this yeaer is 5771, making this approximately 14 years ago).  Boy 2, girl 1.   This was back in the days when I could afford and cared enough to make sure that each kid had at least one brand-new-from-a-store matching outfit before Yom Tov.  Who did I think I was???  ;-)


I found this photo in Ted’s folder as I was transferring some other Pesach-related stuff to the other computer.  He’s making up his grand six-week Pesach Plan.  Heaven help us all!


  1. It is funny to hear you say "new from the store" since the Yom Tov are the times when I make sure Froggy has a new fancy "Mommy-made" dress. For us it is ok for her everyday clothes to be store-bought but the special stuff needs to be custom made.

  2. You must be very talented - around here, "Mommy-made" would mean weird "blooper" pants or a strange dress that nobody would wear in public. :-)))


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