The New-kelele: A drama in 3 acts

ACT ONE:  The gift

bday 134Naomi Rivka:  It’s my birthday!  What’s this?  A brand-new, yellow ukulele???  Why, it’s lovely!  I will hold it, cradle it like a baby, cuddle it with the head end up!



bday 161  bday 165

Plink, plink, plink.

bday 162

Gavriel Zev:  No!!!  I must have this ukelele all for myself!

ACT TWO:  The inspiration

  bday 168 

Gavriel Zev:  Hmm… so that’s how it’s done.

ACT THREE:  The mad genius at work/playbday 170 bday 172

Gavriel Zev:  See???  I’m a natural!  Strum, strum, strum!  “Did you ever see a bee, singing as well as me?”  down by the BAY!!!!  [if anybody reading this remembers what his verse ACTUALLY said, please let me know!!]

bday 023

Naomi Rivka:  Oh, well… I guess I’ll survive.

This is the very last Naomi birthday related post for this year, I promise!!!


  1. I don't think there's a "supposed to" with the bee... :) We used to sing, "with a band-aid on his knee." :)

  2. No, no... the rest of our verses were just plain dumb, with real words that rhymed. His was simply a brilliant nonsense verse - that also brilliantly rhymed. I just forget what it was - darn!!!
    You also have to understand how noisy and obnoxious my entire family is to know how extraordinary it would be that a 3-year-old would contribute at ALL!!!


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