Monday, February 07, 2011

Homeschool Diary: 3 Adar, 5771

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Other “weekly challenges” I play:

תְּצַוֶּה / Tetzaveh

Finished with the Five Senses – on to the DIGESTIVE SYSTEM!  Yummy - kishke!

(the only problem being, I was slow ordering the digestion books to go with Living Learning Science… still, we have some good ones here already, so I’m not worried)

I’m thinking of lapbooking our body learning, now that the end is in sight.  Just including some simple things for the Five Senses, then adding each organ system as we study it over the next five weeks.  Five weeks and we’re done!  After that, it’s plant science, which is supposed to coincide with spring and seed-starting…  fat chance, around here!


I love it when we can get a jump on the school week by getting work done on Sunday!!!  Elisheva took GZ to shul and Naomi and I did most of Monday’s work today.  Does this mean adding more work during the week?  Yes, it does!  I find that when we work regularly, it goes faster and more cheerfully than if we have long breaks in between doing stuff.

I’ve been thinking about taking the kids to a noon organ recital.  They’re free, and there are several weekly recitals to choose from in convenient locations, but it’s a problem, because they’re all held in churches – that’s where organs tend to be.  Not during a service, but still… not sure how I feel about this.  Thoughts, anyone?


  • HWT / ETC


  • HWT / ETC
  • SCIENCE:  Read/colour/attach digestive organs
  • READING ALOUD:  BOB / D&J / Winter Fun
  • Evening:
    • Ballet
    • Swim
    • Mommy step class

Tuesday (Ted late):

  • imageArt class with Abba while Mommy is at aerobics?
  • HEBREW READERS, plus online /CD version
  • Evening:
    • Mommy tutoring


  • READING ALOUD:  BOB / D&J / Winter Fun
  • HWT / ETC
  • Possibly shlep out to organ recital?
  • Evening:
    • Mommy ASL class

Thursday (Ted off):

  • SCIENCE:  Read/experiment/activity
  • READING ALOUD:  BOB / D&J / Winter Fun


  • PARSHA/Narration
  • G-dcast
  • And that’s ALL!

Resources we’re loving:

image image imageimageimage 

(Explode the Code is nothing new, but we’re both getting excited to see the book dwindle as we finish pages and tear them out – highly recommended as a way to motivate kids, as long as you don’t mind destroying the workbook!)

New to us:


Sarah and David:  The Aleph Bet story workbook.  Picked this up by itself at Israel’s today because it wasn’t expensive and I thought it would be helpful for handwriting reinforcement as well as a bit of vocabulary to supplement our kriyah v’od.

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