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Five Senses Body Science Experiment - Smell Matching!

body 022Easy “experiment” (more like an EXPERIENCE) to set up and fun for the whole family!!! 

This was all about finding matching pairs of scents.  Every little paper “l’chaim” cup has a letter on its bottom – the ones that match have the SAME letter.  Simple!

The cups with dry herbs/spices were not as successful as the cups with toilet paper soaked with various “smelly” things – vanilla, mint  and almond extract, and orange essential oil (I don’t have any other extracts!). 

Naomi had to do the herbs blindfolded, and it wouldn’t stay on, and she didn’t like it anyway.  She did match them all up, but I don’t know how much she could see or not.  No big huge deal, though.

As for the liquids, I was worried that the colour of each smell would give it away, but as you can see here, by wrapping the liquid up well in the toilet paper, the colours were more or less alike.  To make it tougher, though, we did use blindfolds for the big people who tried it out (all of us!).

Here’s Naomi, having her turn to match up the pairs of scents:

body 012

Gavriel Zev couldn’t wait for his turn in the “smelling throne.”  He thought it was hilarious, and just kept taking big whiffs and bursting out laughing, like he was sniffing glue or something.  Seriously manic!

body 016

Here are YM and Abba.  Naomi naturally wanted to add her own “twist” to the experiment, so after he finished matching up the scents, she told him to stay blindfolded and sort out pairs of matching coins.  Elisheva tried it out, too; I was happy she went along with this, because usually she doesn’t.

 body 019 body 021 

Great fun!!!  And hopefully a little science learning…