First-ever: Composer Narration!

musician 001As previous described in this post, I wanted to wrap up our fairly low-key study of Vivaldi with a composer colouring page, Composers Fandex plus printable bio, along with this actual composer narration.

Boy – she sure didn’t want to tell me ANYTHING!  I think she was pretty tired, as evidenced by her later conking out for a 2-hour nap.  In any event, the text may be lackluster, but the illustration – once again?  as usual? – completely blew me away.

The stringed instrument on the left-hand side of her drawing is a violin, by the way; on the right, she’s drawn a cello.  You can tell the difference by the bottom pin on the cello.  I also love her sheet music, and the teeny-tiny montage of the four seasons at the top:

Copy of musician 001


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