Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cranky Complaints-Lady’s body is 55%…

image… yup, WATER!  That’s why this kvetch  is SO crucial to my continued existence on the planet:

image In December, I bought a slimline brita "space saver" pitcher as a gift for my husband (we were hoping he'd share the water with the rest of us!).  It was purchased at a WalMart store here in Toronto.

This is not our first brita pitcher:  I think we've owned three of four already over about fifteen years.  All of them have worked reasonably well during their lifespan.  We even had a slimline brita pitcher once before, and it worked fine.

Not this one!  This pitcher is simply AWFUL!  The lid doesn't stay on - it seems to have been designed to hold itself on with nothing more than willpower.  Sadly, that doesn't work, and the pitcher comes crashing into our drinks more often than you would believe.

Beyond that, the "flap" or "lip" at the edge of the lid - designed, I suppose, to keep out impurities, manages to fall off the lid - sometimes landing in the pitcher itself, and sometimes landing on the floor, thus actually INTRODUCING impurities if it is replaced without being washed (I have kids who do such things).

The central filtration area is also not well-seated and tends to fall out as well, but that's a minor concern compared to all the spilling and crawling around trying to find the flap that we have been doing since this accursed product entered our home.

Please refund my money - it was just under $20 - so I can buy another brand of pitcher that stands a chance of actually doing the job.

Thank you!

The p.s. I didn’t send:


Dear Morons:  “Roll” and “over” – they’re still TWO words in this country.  I’ll let your use of “pitchers” go since they really ARE pictures of pitchers in this case.

Grrr… one word:  warpath.  We also got a cheesy ebay ripoff today; another reason why I’m mad.