Birthday Party for a Girl Who Is 6

All the spoon doll princesses, lined up in a row…

party 007

I forget the names the girls gave them.  Should have written them down!  Naomi’s is on the far right. 

This was a harder craft than I anticipated, especially after my sister (who came at 10 o’clock!  amazing!) suggested that braids might look wonderful on the dollies.  All the girls wanted braids, none could do them herself; it took a while to get all that braiding done.  There were also a few other steps that the girls couldn’t do alone – attaching the skirt, tying the bows, even beading the little jingle-bell necklace.  Basically, all they could do was decorate the skirt and draw on the faces.

Anyway, that took about an hour longer than I anticipated, but… then came our next craft:  a REAL princess isn’t afraid to get her hands a little dirty!

Here are the 4 egg-carton planters I made this morning – they each have a see-through plastic wrap window taped on top – so tight you can’t see them!

party 002

And here’s Naomi’s, filled, planted and watered.

planter 001

A little sign I made for the girls to take home.  Feel free to click for a larger printable jpg which you can print and use yourself. image

Happy birthday to you!  (she’s getting a real cake tonight – this was just the cupcake version)

naomi alone


  1. I love the herb garden! I am planning on doing it myself

  2. Oh, I love the planters!

    Happy Happy Day, dear girl =)


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