WordPress Bloggers: Hear my Kvetch!


I love all of you bloggers, really I do.  But those of you who use WordPress MUST be told how very, very insanely tedious it is to have to confirm every single comments subscription I want to subscribe to. 

image Going through my Google Reader feed before bed just now, I read and commented on four separate WordPress blogs.  And got four separate emails asking me to confirm my subscription to comments so I can follow the dialogue.  My inbox is FULL of these things!  (whited out here for my privacy).

I have been meaning to kvetch about this for a while, but never quite had the – I don’t know what.  But these four separate emails, which I had to click on separately TWICE each time have put me over the edge.  What edge that is, I don’t exactly know, because I will probably just continue reading and subscribing as before.

So there you are.  Now (some of) you know.


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